Steamboat Lane - Hingham Harbor - Hingham, MA

Cabinetry Design and Production
Morpheus Company                                       164 South Street          Hingham, MA 02043         781 749 0766

The Story:
Steamboat is simply the best waterfront property on Hingham Harbor. 

This project was the third project with this family (there have also been a fourth and a fifth). The first project with this family was an office of Mahogany and glass cabinets.  We studied how the office would be used and designed the cabinetry around work flow first and for beauty second.  We had moved and reconfigured this office three times to different properties before this house was built.  The architecture of this  house dedicated a room to fit the original  layout of that Mahogany office!

Our client  has a very advanced design capability- making it very easy to work with her!  We like it when the people we are working with have strong design opinions we also have strong design opinions making the interaction very robust and making the final result excellent. 

Our role is to interpret what you want and need; and then design in your style not ours!