Our Story
"One Group, from Concept to Completion"

Who We Are:

To complete a project; an owner is typically in contact with an architect, a builder and a cabinet maker ... At Morpheus Company we can be any one, or all of these professionals. We have many capabilities.  We can arrive with You at an open field and literally take you all the way to a finished home (including the furniture)!  That is rarer than our working with You on some portion of the project.  Importantly; if we’re not the architect or builder on a project we know what challenges the other professionals are up against and we use our knowledge to make their job flow more easily.

In whatever capacity we are working with You; our overall philosophy is to be your advocate.

Creative Design and High Quality are most important!  The way we run our business is equally important!

Our Process

We like to get to know you and what you want from our company. In our first meeting we listen carefully to determine the requirements of your project. 

Then comes the conundrum; you want to know what the project might look like and cost before you begin and we can't tell you that until we’ve done a fair amount of design work!  Our solution is a design consultation. This is a crucial first step where your ideas and our ideas will be transformed to set of hand drawn sketches (options) and a set of preliminary budgets reflecting all components of your proposed project.  Using the sketches and budgets you can make an informed choice to move forward or not.

If you decide to continue, a chosen design is carefully detailed in computer generated design (3D Models), and a budget reflecting all components of your project is revised. 

Communication is important to us!  During the implementation of  your project the budget and design is continuously analyzed and communicated; so you are always kept up to date and know where your money is being spent.  We will often invite you to visit our shop or your site to have input to the details of your project.